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The Teche Growers Association was formed in 2015.  One of its main goals at inception was to preserve agriculture heritage and knowledge.


Sugarcane, rice, soybeans, corn, feed grains, and sweet potatoes are the main agricultural crops produced in the Acadiana area. Poultry and eggs, beef cattle, and dairy products also make up part of the agricultural landscape.  

Of the local agricultural industries, most predominate is the  Sugarcane industry. Cane harvesting has its roots dated back to the colonial period of Louisiana's history.  Colonists first cultivated sugar cane in the 1750's, using a variety called Creole cane.  While creole cane was not well-suited to Louisiana and eventually lead to a more suitable form known as ribbon cane.


While farming has been a way of life for generations, life as a farmer has changed.  New equipment, technology and varieties of crops mandates that farmers stay current with advances.  But, there is no consolation for experience.  That is why the Teche Growers Association is dedicated to preserving the history and knowledge of the past generations.

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