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Litter Abatement

The goal is to organize our community's civic leaders and citizens to form a comprehensive long term litter abatement program.

Community Litter Abatement Program.

All to often, the beautiful landscape of Louisiana receives very little regard for what it provides us and is littered with the trash of individuals.  Time and time again, we see varying forms of trash along our roadways, in our own property and in the fields we farm.  For this reason, the Teche Growers Association has taken on the mission of reducing and eliminating the blatant disregard for earth and property.  

By teaming up with local Parish Government, the District Attorney's Office and private citizens, The Teche Growers is looking to stem the problem, specifically by creating a watch network focused on the illegal dumping of large trash items on agricultural developed land.  

Plans are currently being put forth to expand and enhance the program in order to completely eliminate this problem.  If you are interested in joining our endeavor, let us know here:


Thanks! Message sent.

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